Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Death Penalty

The death penalty ,or capital punishment is one of sentence to prevent people to commit the crime. However, Some people who believe the death penalty is a correct way to reduce number of the crime and stop people from committing number.For example, in some country that applies this kind of rule, the number of homicides in this country has been decline because the execution of converted murders should scare potential killer, discourage them from killing and satisfy the emotional people who are very angry against the crime. I agree that death penalty is right way to deter the murder when someone just think before trying to kill someone that lead to him to the hanging or other death penalty.


Julie said...

You already did your HW. What should I use your free HW red envelope for??

Julie said...

Nice job on your paragraph. Please correct the grammar and post on the AE2 weblog.

SUPERMAN said...

Hi!! Faud!! I'am Superman not suberman!! Did you remember your comment??
I read your opinion about death penalty. I think so and I agree your opinion a little. However, I can't totally agree your opinion!!
I konw that you already see my opinion.

Have a good weekend!!

wabran said...

hi fuad
nice job man.
I am not like superman I totally I agree with you.
keep going my neighbor.

where is Bill Gates?

say hi to him.