Monday, February 19, 2007

Astronaut arrested on attempted kidnapping charges

in the article talk bout a women her name is Lisa Nowak. she had been arrested and was charged with attempting to kidnap Collen Shipman. Both of them were in relationship with Bill ofelelein. Shipman traveled to Orlando ,so Nowak drove from Huston, Taxes to Orlando to meet her there. After that, shipman took a bus because her car was in the lot where the place she wa parked. then, she hear running footsteps and locked the door. Nowak sprayed pepper spry into her eyes after she opened the window 2 inch after that, she steped out from the car and went to toll booth the office. she had been arrested by the police. the police searched and found items which carry out her to be guilty.


Julie said...

Hey, Fuad. This is a nice summary, but where is your response? What do you think of the website or the story?

Julie said...

Hello, again. I can show you how to link to the website and also how to remove 2 of the "Julie" links. Remind me and I'll show you during break or check my weblog for instructions.